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Baby J


Nickname: Ladies Man

Things I Enjoy Doing On My Downtime: Playing video games, shooting hoops and watching movies

Favorite Movies Of All Time: La Bamba, Lean On Me, Stand and Deliver, Brown Sugar, The Breakfast Club and Pay It Forward

Favorite Albums Of All Time: Pink Floyd (The Wall), Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill), David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales (1392), Earth, Wind & Fire (Greatest Hits)

My Personal Heroes: My Mom & Dad

Date of Birth/Birth Place: October 16th in San Antonio, Texas

What would you do if you weren't in radio: Doing something with the music industry…I have always wanted to be a producer or songwriter.

Updated on Feb. 5th 2014

Below are last night's Uforia 7 @ 7
7. David Lee Garza ft. Joaquin Cura - "Ella Sabe"
6. Joe Posada - "Ya Estufas"
5.  Siggno ft. Elida Reyna - "Siempre Te Recordare"
4. Los Palominos - "Te Extrano"
3. Michael Salgado - "Ya No Te Puedo Amar"
2. Ruben Ramos - "Oiga Compadre"
1. Ramon Ayala - "Juramos Amarnos"

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