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Our new address:
12451 Network Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78249 Suite: #140
Off I-10 between De Zavala and Huebner

Phone (210) 610-4300
Request Line: (210) 470-5107

Manager: Chris Morris
Programming Director: Jon Ramirez
Music Director: Jon Ramirez
Digital Content Managers: Raul Faz & Robert Morris
Sales Manager: Barbara Carreon
Promotions: Jennifer Gomez
Engineer: Bret Huggins
Production Director: DJ Rene C
Research Director: Veronica Ynclan
Business Manager: Sonia Trevino


  1. Rene

    I heard in the radio that Telemundo is now on Netflix
    Netflix say they don’t have that option
    What’s going on ?
    I want to watch shows
    Why would KXTN say that on radio
    Like some answers

  2. Sandy Leal-Goodin

    Dear Jonny,
    My name is Sandy and I live in Oklahoma. First I want to say that I love this station and your show.
    Just wanted to comment on your response to people that tell you that Tejano music is dead. I totally
    agree with you, Tejano music is alive and well! We moved to Oklahoma when I was a child, but our
    parents never let us forget our culture or our heritage. My son still lives in Cuero and most of my
    relatives live in Victoria, so anytime I am in that area, my radio is set to your station. We don’t get too much Mexican music on the radio up here and it is Norteno, I don’t like that kind of music!
    Imagine my excitement when I found out I can listen to your station on my computer. Awesome!
    We live right across the river from Wichita Falls, Tx., so it would be nice if ya’ll could expand your coverage area to include our area, that would be awesome! Love you guys, keep up the good work! Sandy


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