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12451 Network Blvd. – San Antonio, TX 78249 – Suite #140

Off I-10 (between DeZavala & Huebner) 



  ► Front Desk:  210-610-4141 

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Station Operations: 

Manager: Chris Morris
Programming Director: Homie Marco
Music Director: Homie Marco
Digital Content Managers: Raul Faz & Robert Morris
Sales Manager: Barbara Carreon
Promotions: Ale Ballesteros
Engineer: Bret Huggins
Production Director: DJ Rene C
Research Director: Veronica Ynclan
Business Manager: Sonia Trevino

  • Rene

    I heard in the radio that Telemundo is now on Netflix
    Netflix say they don’t have that option
    What’s going on ?
    I want to watch shows
    Why would KXTN say that on radio
    Like some answers

  • Sandy Leal-Goodin

    Dear Jonny,
    My name is Sandy and I live in Oklahoma. First I want to say that I love this station and your show.
    Just wanted to comment on your response to people that tell you that Tejano music is dead. I totally
    agree with you, Tejano music is alive and well! We moved to Oklahoma when I was a child, but our
    parents never let us forget our culture or our heritage. My son still lives in Cuero and most of my
    relatives live in Victoria, so anytime I am in that area, my radio is set to your station. We don’t get too much Mexican music on the radio up here and it is Norteno, I don’t like that kind of music!
    Imagine my excitement when I found out I can listen to your station on my computer. Awesome!
    We live right across the river from Wichita Falls, Tx., so it would be nice if ya’ll could expand your coverage area to include our area, that would be awesome! Love you guys, keep up the good work! Sandy

  • Leslie Komet Ausburn

    Hill Country Bakery, a San Antonio Commercial Bakery producing baked goods for retailers across the U.S., continues to grow and needs more staff to keep up with increased demand.

    They are hosting a job fair on Sept 17 from 9 am-3 pm at 146 East Zavalla Street.

    For more info:

    Thank you for helping us spread the word!

  • disqus_jWnMopy0ao

    Where is far west located and what time do doors open?

  • Becky Gonzales Camarillo

    Saw details for low low car show but didn’t see where to purchase tickets. Would like to get in time it’s same day as my husband’s birthday.

  • Martina Hernandez

    What is up the the crazy music this morning? I love hearing Jonny and Javi in the mornings! I talking about the crazy techno music.Not happy.


  • Johanna Munos

    Gotta tell ya – not lovin;’ this repetative beat you’ve been playing. If thats tejano, then I’m not proud. It comes on, KXTN goes off.

    • Jaime Martinez

      check out MAGIC 93.5 in Lubbock. they mix it up.

  • Monica Gomez

    ALWAYS WILLst would like to let you guys know that I TOTALLY DISAGREE with what people are saying about TEJANO 107.5!! My husband and I grew up listening to this station. And now as adults with 6 kids ranging from 17yrs old down to 2yrs old. We still continue to listen. Even the kids love the station. All of these comments about all these new artists and new music, is not called for. Listening and loving the TEJANO and CONJUNTO music is part of our culture. Like my husband says, ” DOWN TO THE ROOTS “!!! We believe this with all our soul. Because where the soul lives, is where the music is!! 😉 In all reality, people need to give chance to all these new artist who are trying to keep our culture alive and strong. That is what this is all about. So where is all this inspiration coming from, from all the same artists who’s music that you guys play, played, and always will play. With that being said, I have a comment that I would like to share with you. My husband is part of a CONJUNTO Band ” La Tradizion Band ” they have really great music that we would love to get on the air. I have asked many different people, and wanted suggestions as to how can I approach TEJANO 107.5 on airing our music. Every single response was the same! They claimed that it is all about politics and who you know. They also insisted that TEJANO 107 is very picky as to who and what they air on the radio. I TOTALLY DISAGREED!! Defended the radio station with all my heart.. So if by chance, how may I submit or speak to someone about airing our music, what is the process!? Please let me know.. This would be very appreciated. And again, PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB BECAUSE WE LOVE IT AND ALWAYS WILL!! THANKS…
    In addition; Here is my husband’s band…
    “La Tradizion Band”
    La Tradizion De Nuestra Cultura!

    • Jaime Martinez

      this is the reason up and coming groups do not grow. because the attitude of stations like kxtn. Univision want kxtn to change format to, what is called “regional Mexican”. unvision, I bet my last dollar, does not want to call our music tejano at all.

  • Poncho Trevino

    Since coming from South Padre Island and listening to your station, I have enjoyed the program put on everyday. Your station is unique and original. This makes me happy to whom I am and listening to great music, proud Tejano 100%.

  • Janice Hogate

    I love the new software on KXTN. I have been gone awhile and since I have been back I love that I can see what the person singing looks like and the name of the song. I only speak a little Spanish and I never can understand the name of the song. You guys totally did a great job with the new website.

  • Ernest Orta

    Where is jonny ramirez ? Why did he leave ? What happened ?

    • jennifer miller

      He was fired cause he was not producing the numbers

  • jennifer miller

    It was about time this radio station did away with Johnny rameriez it was jamming jjavi keeping the show up for a long time. Glad you guys in the office made changes to the setup. Now all these other djs need to come up with there own format for there time on the radio and not use jamming jjavi format cause it gets old listening to the same music reruns

    • Jaime Martinez

      roger that Jennifer. I would not listen to kxtn till around 10 so I would not hear that jerk off, jonny.

  • AVillarreal

    I don’t wish bad things on no one, however Mr. Jonny Ramirez was veryvery rude. I can see the radio station growing and being more productive without him. I remember at Grahams the crowd was booing him out. I LOVE TEJANO MUSIC!

    • Jaime Martinez

      I totally agree. vato needs a throat punch.

  • Jaime Martinez

    the thing with this radio station is than Univision the boss. since the sell out to Univision, up and coming tejano groups or singers are not heard on this station. if you hear 93.5 MAGIC in Lubbock, you will hear music that kxtn does not play, I dare to WILL NOT PLAY. Univision wants this station to be another wet-back station. there is already too many. and yeah I said it. I am AMERICAN that likes tejano not music from mexico.

  • Richard

    Im very disappointed to hear Big Boy on the morning show. Help me understand why you at KXTN cancelled the Jonny Ramirez Show to start up a new show with Big boy? Obviously Chris Morris doesnt have a clue of how to run things at KXTN. Jammin J clearly is the reason I still listen today and its just for his mixes 7-7:45a and 5-5:55p. You need to stay focused on what got this station to where it is today. Big boy is not the answer in the mornings. Most listerners dont care about gossip news, we can tune in to WOAI 1200 for that. Stick to music becuse honestly every time I hear big boy I change the station. Slowly your losing listeners by the wrong moves in upper managment. One other thing just play Tejano Music on KXTN. Yes most tejanos like other genras of music but we dont need to hear country or oldes on a TEJANO station. Again lost focus on what this station needs to be. Things needs to be changed and Chris Morris needs to get KXTN to where it once was. And send BIg Boy back to the other station!

  • Beatrice Gonzales

    You people do not know what you are talking about jonny was THE SHOW…. the radio station would not be where it is today if it was not for him. I don’t care what people say but tejano is not tejano without jonny and further more you just lost a once devoted listener….

  • eric

    what happen to jonny ramirez

  • eric

    dont get me wrong I like to listen to big boy and jammin j but jonny what happen

  • jjsb921

    I quit listening to this station about 5 yrs ago. I got tired of the same rotation of artists.
    With so many up and coming artist trying to break into the business there’s no reason to continue with the same artists and songs over and over and over. Jay Perez, Michael Salgado, Ruben Ramos, Siggno, good artist but so much more is out there.
    I switched to Tejano 1600 from Tucson Az., they play such a wider variety of music from different artist, old and new. Hope the new music director makes some serious changes and allows more artist to showcase their music on KXTN, Maybe then and only then will I go back and give KXTN another shot, Just my 2 cents worth.

  • jennifer miller

    Well Big Boy I am impressed with you taking charge of the morning show .Jamming J.Javi and you are doing great,glad to not hear comments that
    degrade us females .You and Jammin J Javi are interesting to listen to in the 5- 10 slot ,and i appreciate that when we call you, you listen to the caller and not want to just hang up on us. Welcome back and good luck glad to know that someone from Lylte Texas is on the radio and making us enjoy our mornings as we go to work,school,or traveling.Thank you and Jamming J.Javi have my support . keep up the good work guys.

  • Daniel Salazar

    I listen to kxtn daily and have listed to them since 1988

  • AVillarreal

    Seriously????? Who brought in BIG BOY? He is not a DJ, he is horrible. Does not know how to talk. Listen to him…….There is so much talent out there and you bring BIG BOY back. I don’t understand. Even La Chamaca is better than him as far as DJ, even though her appearance is not appropriate. Jammin Jay is AWESOME!
    Listen to the way he is interacting with Elida and Lalo.

    • Richard

      I feel the same way hes cant talk or read traffic alerts hes just a mess! They went from Bad to worse in a weeks time. KXTN is a joke now. I dont even listen anymore and i worte on here a week ago about the changes but nothing. I cant stand big boy or babyJ they both get on my nerves.

  • Diabla

    Since BIG BOY came on my friends and I don’t listen anymore. So sad : (

  • Diabla

    BIG BOY does not know TEJANO music……he’s NOT a DJ! Get him off the air, please!

  • Diana Obregon Ramos

    Can some one fill me in and tell me what happen to Jonny and why was he bod out of Grams, I live in Benbrok Tx and was wondering what’s going on

  • Paula De La Garza

    I was listening this morning and was throughly disgusted by what I heard. The new dj in the morning was speaking to the in studio guests and commented on how when Michael Salgado was in he asked him to speak English. He went on to mention that fans of the artist and show wrote in and complained, there is a tasteful way to speak about this subject, he on the other hand chose to make fun of those writing in regarding the matter. Fact: We live in the US and speak English as the preferred language. Fact: We are listening to a station that broadcasts music in Spanish. Fact: Fans will make our break you. What does it matter if I write in to you in English? I was raised speaking both languages, the fact that you are employed at a Spanish music station and openly said this morning that you couldn’t speak Spanish is a sign that you are not qualified to have this position. I hope that KXTN gets its act together and hires someone that has a better understand of what job qualifications are. Very disappointed.

  • Margarita Tequila

    Shout out to Margarita Garza, you guys are awesome!! double trouble double the fun morning show!!!! :)

  • Margarita Tequila

    my request is play cumbia kings and selena!! if you can!! <3 Buenas mornings!!! 😀

  • Margarita Tequila

    hahaha,, speak spanish!!!! 😀 habla muchachos!!! you guys are funny,.. :)

  • Margarita Tequila

    Kool!!! im awake now!! :)

  • Margarita Tequila

    Hahaha!!! so true, we do our best!! :)

  • Margarita Tequila

    i saw that!! it was a joke! :) hehe,…

  • Margarita Tequila

    Yes, the oldies!! it’s disco muzik!!!! :)

  • Margarita Tequila

    Chris!!! play one of your songs on the air!! :)

  • Ricky Mascorro

    I love Tejano music and like kxtn. I cannot understand why I was blocked from facebook just because I criticize a joke. I wasn’t abusive I didn’t use any foul language I just didn’t think the joke was funny that’s all. How can I give feedback without being critical. I hope you let me and my family back on we would love to interact with the Tejano artists on Mondays. Ksab in Corpus Christi is the number one station of all genres. They play a wide variety of Tejano music kxtn needs to allow new artist to have their music heard. Ksab is number one for a reason let’s take their example and mate kxtn number one like they were in the 1990’s. Thank

  • Sylvia Gonzales

    Looking for tickets to Saturday night at the San Antinio Event center. Driving in from Austin for Valentine’s weekend. Please help. New listener from Austin!

  • Sylvia Gonzales

    Love Love Love AJ Castilo especially – Todo Me Gusta de Ti

  • Sylvia Gonzales

    This station is AWESOME!!! Now playing

  • Richard

    ATTETION Bret Huggins and Chris Morris the Morning Show with Big Boy is a disaster. It was perfect with just JamminJ Javi solo. Now that you have big boy on the air I no longer tune in to KXTN. He talks too much screams too much and does the weather too much. I dont think People need to weather every ten minutes. You guys in management need to understand the fans dont like this guy send him back to that other station. People want music on the drive to work not to hear this guy talk and his spanish isnt even any good. Not to Mention that he always hits the wrong buttons. Fix the problem while you can get rid of the BIG Mess in the Morning. #JamminJ Solo In The Morning

    • enrique rodriguez

      i agree with you 100percent he is annoying he tries too hard to be funny. and those non sense so called games kick the donkey just plain stupid people want music

    • Patty Solis

      I totally agree!!! Big Boy is an idiot and gets on my nerves!!!! How he ever got an on air job is beyond me!!!!

  • enrique rodriguez

    i have to say i stop listeining to kxtn in the mornings big boy show is annoying these stupid games. people dont want games.. they want music to get to work. all he does is copy from other stations. not only is he annoying but he is rude condescending to other people. i work for an advertising company and i can tell you i will not recommend kxtn to anyone for advertising. also.. why is is that JAY PEREZ gets special treatment every hour at least once they play one of his songs. is Chris morris getting something in return. lets give all texano artists equal treatment. a day can go by and not one shelly lares , or mazz, or any other artist but Jay perez every hour at least one of his song. something fishy going on there. and according to former dj there is a special agreement with jay perez.

  • enrique rodriguez

    so far 3 jay perez songs in 2 and 38mins why is jay perez getting special treatment. we like tejano music not just jay perez. again some previous djs made comments that they are required to play jay perez. being in advertising and working closely with univision John W Eck chief media officer i wonder if he knows whats going on with kxtn and why they make it a requirement to play Jay perez. i will ask

  • enrique rodriguez

    bring back the barbacoa sunday show i loved that music on sundays. also get ridd of big boy…talks too much

  • Alxvsqz

    This is to the program director…Homie Marco.
    Why did you cut back the mixes that Javi had going on thru out the morning show? I’ve been a KTXN listener for a very long time, even when your station was not doing so well. Your previous morning show was, well let’s just say not very good.
    This morning show now is like a breathe of fresh air. These mixes get us going. now you want to have only one mix at 6:36 am, when people are not really tuning in. You want to make this morning program like every other station out there. People will miss these mixes. Change the trend….

  • Rick

    what was the Jay Perez cumbia you guys played around 2 ? was trying to find that song or cd, Thank You

  • Diana Melendez Granado

    I am here at my place hearing ur show n started celebrating my birthday today. Also I wish u could please play Senorita Tequila con Jay Perez por favor y tambien Las Mananitas con Vicente Fernandez gracias. Diana Granado de Alpine, Tx.

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    MORE women artists need to be played and NOT just the usual. I love Elida and Shelly and Stefani Montiel, but there are others that need time on the air as well.

  • Maria A Rocha

    It’s an autopsy not a biopsy. BIG difference. The gentleman/relative said biopsy.

    • Alex Castillo

      maria he was Emilio’s manager and he’s been Emilio’s friend for almost 20 years, I think he is allowed a misspoken word or two in his time of grief.

      • Maria A Rocha

        Sorry I understand Alec Castillo

  • Maria A Rocha

    Sorry I understand Alex Castillo

  • Roy A. Trevino

    Good morning, i have a simple question.I heard a song on air on friday the 27th & i didnt hear the artist name. It was a killer song & i would love to purchase it. i believe it was Stefani, but im not sure, where do i go to look @ the playlists from yesterday? The song was on air @ about 1:30 PM

  • Ricky Mascorro

    KSAB Corpus Christi is number one again. With a 9.5 share. Wow. KXTN can be number one too. Listen to their programming and you’ll discover that you guys don’t play the same artists. KXTN follow the example. You can be #1

  • Victor Palma

    I live in Maryland these days, but grew up in San Antonio. It’s been a long time since I lived in the area, but I never forget my roots and someday I will return. In the meantime, even though I don’t speak Spanish, I LOVE the music I hear on KXTN! It reminds me so much of what I heard growing up. Keep it coming!

  • Noemi Luna

    I need help… yesterday around 8:45-9:00 pm and song came on.. it was a lady singer… I don’t know her name nor the song title… But I would really would like to find out what song that was. How can I find out songs that were sung between those times? ASDF

    • Felix Villegas

      Try SoundHound app next time the song comes on!

  • Kj

    How can I ask for you guys to prank my boss this Thursday at 8:30 am???

  • Richard

    The All New Morning show is horrible from the DJ to the stupid sound effects. the objective of a morning show is to help get people started with their day in a good mood with good music. Big Boy is a BIG mess! Ive said it since day one of him coming back to KXTN. Upper management seems to have no clue on how annoying this guy is. It’s a major turn off and what i mean by major turn off is to change the station. Let me be as clear as i can be because this is a major problem. Switch JamminJ back to morning and put Big boy at MidDay. Here is why JamininJ is the only reason I tune in to KXTN at all these days. His tejano and cumbia mixes are what people want to hear non-stop music in the morning its what gets people in a good mood . I also think people dont need to hear the weather every 10 minutes if your in your car with the radio on im sure you can tell if it’s sunny or raining outside. i have been very disappointed with this staion for a while now. AND PLEASE GET RID OF THAT STUPID SOUND EFFECTS MACHINE.

  • Joe Garcia

    Can you tell me where I can buy that song Alma Negra with Emilio . You played it on radio about 3 days ago. It’s recorded life when he played with David Lee Garza. I want the life CD if possible.