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Our new address:
12451 Network Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78249 Suite: #140
Off I-10 between De Zavala and Huebner

Phone (210) 610-4300
Request Line: (210) 470-1075

Manager: Chris Morris
Programming Director: Jon Ramirez
Music Director: Jon Ramirez
Digital Content Managers: Raul Faz & Robert Morris
Sales Manager: Barbara Carreon
Promotions: Jennifer Gomez
Engineer: Bret Huggins
Production Director: DJ Rene C
Research Director: Veronica Ynclan
Business Manager: Sonia Trevino


  1. Rene

    I heard in the radio that Telemundo is now on Netflix
    Netflix say they don’t have that option
    What’s going on ?
    I want to watch shows
    Why would KXTN say that on radio
    Like some answers


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