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Instragram: Bigg_Boyee1075
First Name: Frank

Nickname: Bigg Boyee

Birthday: 11/09/1969

Hometown: “El Chuco Town” a.k.a. El Paso, Tejas.

Marital Status: Married (Sorry Ladies)

Siblings: 1 older Brother and 1 Younger Brother, that explains my issues!!!

Children: NONE

Job Title: On Air Personality, Imaging Pro, Street Hustla…take your pick.

Favorite part of my job: Showing up!!!!

Favorite Season:  Summer.
Hobbies: Music Mixing, Mingling, Mating and not in that ORDER…

Favorite Movie: Depends on the genre.

Favorite TV Show: Depends on the genre.

Favorite Food: ALL

Favorite Holiday:   My Birthday (don’t look at you screen like that, it should be a Holiday DAMN IT!)

Favorite Artists: Too many to mention.

Favorite Song(s):  Do we even have time to list mine????

Favorite Quote: Lead Follow or GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!

Most interesting person I've met:  My MOM

Who is your biggest supporter:  My Parents

How do you gain motivation:  My Parents.

What is a random fact about you:  That my HEART outweighs me at times.

How did you get into radio:  It is what I always wanted, I just went for it.

Most embarrassing moment on air: Depends, I have done some stupid stunts on the streets like washing 106 cars plus 1 Semi Deisel wearing nothing but a towel around my AREA!.  Or being the human Goal post, Ballon shoot target, The Human Dog sled.  OH the one I can never forget, the San Antonio Sundae…I’m still working that issue with my theorapist.  You name it…at some point in my career I have done it.

What would you do if you weren't in radio: Doing something that involved entertainment, it is my STRENGHT.  What can I say God has Blessed me like that…wicked smile while I pound the keyboard…

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